Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Revolutionary Road’s Greek Chorus: Michael Shannon

Shannon has a smallish role in Revolutionary Road—he appears as the “not well,” i.e. mentally ill, son of a local real estate broker. But when he’s on screen he is absolutely riveting. I didn’t recognize him, but he’s had roles in Vanilla Sky and Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead. (I think he played the shady brother–in-law of Hawke’s unfortunate accomplice.) He was so good in RR that I’d go to another movie he was in—even if it’s a small role. A guy to watch. Here's a really nice profile of him in New York Magazine.


sophia said...

who was he in vanilla sky? no way

Elizabeth said...

His character's name is Aaron, but I can't figure out exactly who that was...and it was so long ago that I saw it I don't remember him. I'm guessing he was one of Tom Cruise's posse of friends or co-workers. This guy strikes me as an up-and-coming William H. Macy.