Saturday, January 24, 2009

More movies you hated---and others loved

Okay, here's what we have so far on movies we hated and others loved (in no particular order)

Bull Durham
Shakespeare in Love
Schindler's List
I'm Not Here
Slumdog Millionaire
Rachel Getting Married
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

Surely we can add to this list...anyone else? Any other detested movie sweep the box office, or the Oscars????


Natasha said...

Number one on my list is "Titanic." It's almost unwatchable to me. I agree with "Shakeshpeare in Love" too. I'm almost embarassed to say I've never seen "Schindler's List." Another one that got a lot of critical acclaim that I just did not get was "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon."

Wesley said...

Well - I don't know if this counts - but I detested the play "Doubt" so much that I haven't even bothered to see the movie! Also, the play "Proof" - what a piece of crap! And showing at the same time as Copenhagen, which actually took the task of thinking like a scientist seriously! But, anyway- back to the movies!

Elizabeth said...

lol. i'll make this a subhead, wes? plays that sucked that got turned into movies?

Elizabeth said...

natasha--paul fell asleep about a zillion times in crouching tiger. later he was like, "that movie was so choppy!"....yes, he was tired, but a riveting movie would have kept him awake. i stayed awake and thought, "eh..."

ann banks said...

I thought Slumdog Millionaire was embarrassing. The main character could not act; he had exactly one facial expression: his mouth hanging slightly open. The reaction to the movie reminds me of a cult favorite from a long time ago called The Gods Must Be Crazy, set in the Kalahari. Similar sentimental and condescending attitude toward the culture.

ann banks said...

Speaking of Slumdog Millionaire, here's another category: movies that have the same setting and are in the same genre as really successful movies, but that are better. In the case, The Pool. Also a feel-good movie set in India by a foreign director, and also about a slum kid who dreams of more. The Pool is wonderful, not cheesy, and the kid can act.

Elizabeth said...

i'm not in love with slumdog, either, ann (see my earlier post). i found the devastating glimpses of poverty paralleled with the hey, i'm gonna be a millionaire fantasy stuff hard to take. kind of gave short shrift to the devastating poverty--which is pretty immune to fantasy endings. i'm intrigued by the pool--thanks for the rec!