Thursday, February 5, 2009


(An image from the REAL Shall We Dance)

Excuse the profanity. But a little googling just revealed the fact that an English-language re-make of Let the Right One In is in the works, by director Matt Reeves (who also directed The Pallbearer--a gag-fest starring what's-his-name from friends and the precious Gwyneth Paltrow.) That's never good. (American re-make or Gwyneth, for those of you who need clarifying.)

Three little words: Shall We Dance?

That's a reference, for those of you who didn't see it, to the Japanese movie Shall We Dance, which was a beautiful poem of a flick that Hollywood utterly dumbified for the English-speaking masses with the help of Jennifer Lopez and Richard Gere. Lopez I get. It's the perfect I'm-a-serious-actress delusion for her. But Gere? Maybe he had some alimony to pay? Needed another house in the Hollywood Hills?

At any rate, tragic. And lord only knows what they're going to do with my precious vampire movie. If Jennifer Lopez is in this one, I'M gonna go bite someone. In Hollywood.

And p.s. rent Shall We Dance--the Japanese version. It's lovely.

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Anonymous said...

I could not agree more: Shall We Dance was lovely and beautiful and well crafted, Gwen is P.U., and Jenifer don't get me started.
Must American film makers cast people who cannot dance, sing,or act in parts where they must dance, sing, and act????? How many wonderful talents are out there who would love a job but are not cast because they have no "box office pull"...ahhhh, remember the good ole days when a GOOD MOVIE had box office pull? When were those days?