Thursday, February 5, 2009

Coming soon: Let the Right One In and The Reader

Okay, I am way, way behind. I owe you some deep thoughts on The Reader. And since I saw that, I saw Let the Right One In...a Swedish vampire flick I've been avoiding for months (for obvious reasons). But all the Oscar nominees are hogging the line-ups at all my theaters so I've had a dearth of options. Long story short, we went last weekend. And it was...AWESOME. More soon. Sorry. I'm tired and it's been a nutty week. But let me just say the 12-ish year old female lead of this one is DA BOMB.


Anonymous said...

What "Obvious reasons"?

Elizabeth said...

see my later post....but vampire was not a word that made me think, "oh, i've got to see that one!"