Saturday, April 4, 2009

DVD: Rumor Has It

Okay, normally I wouldn’t be caught dead watching a movie starring Jennifer Aniston. No offense to Jennifer, but her presence in a movie connotes adjectives like dumb, surface, and cute. (Okay, I’m willing to bet she’d find that summary a tad offensive. But what can I say? It’s true.)

But, here we were in the Florida rental, Henry in bed, limited cable…and no Netflix. We turned the place upside down and found a few DVDs the owners had left, the most palatable of which was “Rumor Has It,” the 2005 flick, directed by Rob Reiner and starring Aniston, Kevin Costner, Mark Ruffalo, Shirley MacLain, Richard Jenkins and Mena Suvari.

Here’s the plot summary: A young woman from Pasadena realizes that her now-dead mother both knew (and slept with) the guy who was the inspiration for the character, Benjamin, in “The Graduate.” And she wonders if she might be his daughter. (And whether her grandmother, played by MacLain, was Mrs. Robinson.) The rest of the movie is Aniston trying to figure out the truth.

It’s cute. In fact, it was better than I expected it to be. Shirley MacLain is good for a laugh or two, as usual. And there’s a bit of physical comedy from Jenkins, as Aniston’s father, that left us laughing out loud for a good five or ten minutes.

In short, if you’re ever stuck in a beach house with nothing else to watch, I wouldn’t suggest that you, say, play backgammon instead of watching this movie.


JESSICA said...

omg I completely agree with you! I hate Jennifer Aniston.

I love one of the last lines in the movie when she's talking to her father and she's like "but you drive so slow and I drive so fast". LMAO like what is that supposed to prove. That has nothing to do with anything.

Anyway, I LOVE your blog! I check everyday if you have a new post! Keep it up!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Jessica--thanks for your comment, and your encouragement! I have a back-log of movies to blog, due to a lovely but not internet-friendly vacation. Hoping to be more active in the days to come. Meanwhile, comment away--I love to hear from people.

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