Thursday, April 9, 2009

Coming soon: Adventureland

I saw this last night and adored it. I'm on a deadline right now, so more to come, but for the moment just wanted to share one of my favorite lines: "You can't avoid everyone you've fucked up with."


Wesley said...

So, this really wasn't just another movie about literate but aimless people just hanging out 'cause they've gotno better idea what to do? That's what the synopses made me fear it was. The aestheticisation of inertia and non-commitalness -ugh! - it seems to be a trend in movies and music by young people lately. Ugh, ugh! But everyone seemsto love this one.

Elizabeth said...

na, it's more (mostly) smart people forced to work at adventureland bec. they can't find a job elsewhere (not unlike what today's college grads are facing). i haven't done a lot of the young people movies lately, i guess...which ones do you mean? I still have to think about this one, but i found it extremely charming....main characters hair drove me nuts though.