Monday, April 12, 2010

Movies on ipad?

Dana Stevens at Slate just wrote a piece on using the ipad to watch movies...Sounds fairly thumbs down to me. Every time I think about this thing--or read a new commentary--all I can think is, why not just get an itouch and do the same thing--with more portability?


amateur idler said...

Amen. Seems a little silly.
I just ran across your blog and must say, very cool. For some reason, although I have no disinclination to do so, I've never been to a movie by myself. I'd actually like to try it now - I think I tend to let my fellow moviegoers opinions dictate my own. It might be interesting to see what my own head comes up with.

Elizabeth said...

try it, who knows? it may not be for everyone, but i love it--gets me in a meditative frame of mind that i really enjoy.

Rhybo said...

I have to say, I'm glad I'm not the only one. Granted I do not see as many movies as I would like and I am usually with my wife and friends but back in college I did see a couple on my own and it was sedative... in a good way. The first one I saw on my own was Wall-E, which may be an odd choice, but I remember being suprised when the movie was over because I had to come back to reality. I felt born anew and for a few brief hours I had a different but exciting perspective on everything.

That was my exhausting way of saying that I'm quite empathetic with your experience, and thanks for talking about it!

I also noticed you are a freelancer so forgive me for any spelling or grammatical headaches I've caused thus far.

amberr. said...

So true... I would get one, but when my big brother let me use his once, it took me three min. to figure out how to unlock it hahaha.

joven said...

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